Here at NDM Energy, we help businesses save time and money by getting access to the best deals and energy prices in the UK. We understand businesses use a lot of energy day in day out, and so it is important for us to find a cost-efficient provider to suit all your requirements. Whether you have been using the same provider for years or you just do not have the time to compare prices yourself, NDM Energy will complete the process from start to finish.

We are experts in our field, and we can simplify the process for you. We understand you are busy and that is why we manage your account at all times. The switchover is simple; you provide a few details, we compare prices and then your dedicated account manager does the rest.


We pride ourselves on being impartial, meaning we have no obligation to favour a certain provider. Our comparison engine means we can find not only the best price, but the best deal for your business.


Our service is provided to you free of charge. We will obtain a quotation for you from our group of suppliers and you will have the choice to proceed or not. If you choose not to proceed you will not be charged for our service.


Whatever the size of your business, how many staff you have or your hours of work, our team of experts will get to know your business and then, we can produce an energy package to suit your requirements as well as ensuring we SAVE YOU MONEY in the meantime.


Our Strategy is Simple: We Find Money For Your Business

NDM Energy is part of the NDM Business Hub providing a straight-talking, practical approach to sales and marketing to attract and keep more customers.

The Business Hub provides financial, creative, compliance and business development support. NDM can help your business with a range of different services, including Marketing, Insurance, Health & Safety, Mobile Apps and much more. Whatever the size or nature of the business you run, our extensive experience probably means we have the knowledge and resources to help. If we can’t help, we will know someone who can.


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'making energy savings simple'

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