Energy Price Hike

Business Energy: 5 Ways to Save Money

When it comes to running your business, we know that the bills stack up. Gas and Electricity are essential supplies which form a portion of your monthly outgoings, however, this doesn’t mean you are expected to continue paying the same (or increased) prices year on year.

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Preparing for Autumn

Summer’s fading and the leaves have started to fall… This can only mean it’s almost autumn and soon it’ll be time to think about turning the heating on (if you haven’t already done so!) As the weather grows colder and the typical UK chill settles in, you may be wondering how you can keep your energy and heating costs down?

Below we have listed some easy ways of reducing your energy bills this autumn.

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Business Water

Save £££s – Switch Business Water

Did you know that businesses can now switch their water supplier?

On the 1st April 2017, UK laws changed to gives businesses, charities and public-sector organisations more power when it comes to paying for their water supply. Although households are currently not able to change their water provider – businesses can start to put an end to costly contracts.

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Energy savings

Big Energy Savings Week with NDM Energy

It’s the last Friday of the month, is it your payday or do you need to wait another week? Everyone’s always glad to see the back of January, but with it comes the dreaded bills from December…

We all dread that monthly Gas or Electricity bill,  but it’s always that much harder in the winter months. Therefore it’s no surprise that this week is ‘Big Energy Savings Week.’ A week dedicated to helping you become more energy efficient and cut those energy bills for good.

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Electricity meters

Half hourly electricity meters – Your questions answered

If you’re involved in managing your business’s energy costs, then it’s likely you’ll have heard all about half hourly electricity meters. If you’re not exactly sure what one is though, or you’ve never heard of them at all, a half hourly electric meter is a special kind of business energy meter that sends updated readings to the energy supplier every half hour via a phone line.

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Are You Burning £20 Notes?


Millions of people are rolling up bundles of £20 notes and setting them alight to keep warm – or at least they may as well be.

It has been discovered that 40% of businesses and 60% of homes are sticking to the big six standard energy tariffs, meaning they are typically overpaying for their energy.

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domestic energy

Energy Saving Experts for Care Homes

We Can Cut Your Energy Bills by up to 40%

Here at Smart Energy Advice Line, we believe that energy saving solutions are one of the best ways to help improve the long-term viability of care homes, for both private owners and large organisations.

With funding cuts, staff shortages and the living wage all on the rise, there are too many financial challenges facing the care industry. This volatility threatens to impact negatively upon the high quality of care that our elderly are accustomed to receiving.

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