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The cold weather is back with a vengeance. And despite tomorrow officially being the first day of spring, the cold spell and snow covering the country makes this a little harder to believe.

Instead of opening windows to allow in the spring air and looking at daffodils outside, the heating is still on full and employees refuse to take their jackets off until first break.

But as we learn to manage energy at home, how can we do it effectively in the workplace?


Some might say that it is easy to manage energy whilst you are at home. You can turn off lights when you exit a room, turn off plugs when you are no longer using an appliance or even monitor how many hours your central heating is on for.

Unfortunately things are a little harder in the workplace…

However, it doesn’t matter whether you work in a office or outside – you will still be using a significant amount of energy every day. All of which you could be saving a fortune on.


There are different meanings for Energy Management, however we are most concerned with the one that relates to saving energy and saving money.

In brief, energy management is the use of modern techniques and technology in order to enhance the energy performance in your workplace. In order for the process to be effective, it needs to be taken seriously and implemented across the whole of your organisation.

Whilst energy prices continue to hike and businesses across the UK are continuing to pay too much for their energy, energy management is still being neglected.

However, by implementing such a scheme, you could save energy and improve your bottom line in the process.


Energy Management

First things first. The best way to start managing your energy effectively is to create a clear strategy.

This plan should define exactly how your business energy management system will be approached and will include a list of dedicated tasks.

As these tasks are outlined, your energy strategy will evolve as you implement the various energy saving projects that are going to save you money.

A good energy strategy could include the following:

  • Procurement of equipment, services and property
  • Compliance with climate change and energy regulations
  • Organisation of roles and responsibilities of employees
  • When investing in new projects, cost effective energy efficiency should be taken into account

There are plenty of other ways in which you could start to manage your workplace energy. For more information or if you would like some expert advice, get in touch with our team today. A simple email could be the start of saving you £100s every year.


Did you know that there are now Business Energy Grants available for businesses across the UK? These grants could potentially help your business receive between £2,000 and £20,000 towards your energy bills.

Energy Management

To find out if your business is eligible, click here!


Here at Smart Energy Advice Line, we are always helping businesses save money on the energy bills and we are certain we can help you. Once we have your details, we will check what your business is entitled to and then offer you a free assessment.

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