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SMART METERS – Everything You Need To Know

What Is a Smart Meter?

It’s impossible to put on the news without hearing about the latest energy hikes and increases. However, the shift has now turned to ‘Smart Meters’ and how they are the future of gas and electricity.

With a smart meter, you can wave goodbye to complicated meter readings and estimated energy bills. Your smart meter will show a digital meter reading and will then automatically send this reading to your energy supplier, at least once a month.

They are being described as the new, efficient and easier way to handle your energy and it is estimated that every home in the UK will have been offered a free smart meter from their supplier by 2020.

Government Behind Target

However, yesterday it was announced that the government were behind on their targets.

They had previously pledged to install 53 million ‘smart meters’ in the UK by 2020 however latest figures show that they have only installed 11 million so far.

This means that they will have to install another 42 million in the space of two years to ensure they meet their targets.

Why A Smart Meter?

These new Smart Meters offer an array of benefits, including:

  • Automatic meter readingssmart meters
  • No more estimated bills
  • In-home display in pounds and pence
  • Separate meters for gas and electricity

A recent independent study, carried out by Smart Energy GB, found that the majority of UK citizens with smart meters are more than happy with them.

82% said they have a better idea of what they are spending on energy, whilst 81% think their energy bill is accurate compared to only 67& with a traditional analogue meter.

More than eight in ten (82%) of people with smart meters have taken steps to reduce energy waste and one in three (33%) of people with a smart meter are now starting discussions to encourage others in their household to use less energy.

Costing & More Information

There are no direct costs for smart meters. They will be installed by your current or new energy supplier, and the cost of the roll out is covered in your energy bill.

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