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We Can Cut Your Energy Bills by up to 40%

Here at Smart Energy Advice Line, we believe that energy saving solutions are one of the best ways to help improve the long-term viability of care homes, for both private owners and large organisations.

With funding cuts, staff shortages and the living wage all on the rise, there are too many financial challenges facing the care industry. This volatility threatens to impact negatively upon the high quality of care that our elderly are accustomed to receiving.

As care home owners adapt to these challenges, it is fundamental that they find ways to be smarter and more efficient with their expenditure. However they must do this without compromising on what they do best.

Energy saving measures represent a simple, yet incredibly effective means for achieving this end.

‘We are confident that we can help every care home in the UK’

By using clever consumption reduction techniques and appropriate energy management advice, your care home has the potential to make huge savings.

There are many advantages to switching your energy with SEAL. Not only are we industry experts,  we also have access to over 150 energy providers and our clients always remain our main priority.

Did you know that the average cost of heating your care home is responsible for 70% of your energy bill, and therefore is a major culprit for your high energy costs.

We know it’s important to keep residents warm, therefore why not ensure you are getting the best price for your energy in the first place…

Ways to Save and Protect your Energy

There are plenty of ways we can ensure you save money on your energy. We can offer:

  • Tariff Switching Service

Our comparison engine gives us access to 150 providers, meaning we are guaranteed to find you a cheaper price. Then, to ensure our quality of service continues, our team of experts will manage the switchover and will ensure it is completed as quickly as possible.

  • Voltage Optimisation

Savings of up to 20% can be achieved. Voltage Optimisation can be provided for care homes, allowing for a reduction in energy consumption, savings on electricity bills and reduced wear on appliances. This will result in greater efficiency, significantly reduced wasted energy and savings on energy bills.

  • LED Lighting

LEDs use 90% less energy than conventional bulbs. With LED bulbs lasting up to 15 – 20 years, your care home’s maintenance costs will plummet.

led lighting

  • Boiler Saving Controls

Save up to 25% off your care home heating bill. The Energy Saver Auto is an intelligent central heating boiler management control, compatible with most boilers using natural gas, oil or LPG. In addition to their energy saving properties, all our Boiler Management devices are designed to maximise the energy efficiency of your care home. Our range of one-installation boiler maintenance and management products are sure to improve energy efficiency, whilst reducing your energy bills and carbon footprint.

  • Solar Installation

Solar power is the future of sustainable energy. Not only will panels reduce your energy bills, boost your EPC rating and drastically reduce your carbon footprint, but the government is also willing to pay you for all the surplus energy you generate.

solar installation

  • Warm Air Ventilation

Warm air heating systems are favoured by many because they provide effective, warm air circulation in the winter and cool air in the summer. They heat rooms rapidly and the small vents take up little wall space.

  • Clean Air Solutions

We are completely unaware of the toxins we are inhaling everyday and that is why it is important you provide a healthy indoor climate in your care home, through the elimination of humidity. By producing clean, healthy air, removing damp and mould, a solution for Radon Gas and Co2; we can ensure your environment stays clean whilst you save money in the long run.

Time to Act Today

SEAL can offer your business plenty of advantages. We want to hear from you. Visit our website for more information or contact us on 0333 0147770.


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