Preparing for Autumn

Summer’s fading and the leaves have started to fall… This can only mean it’s almost autumn and soon it’ll be time to think about turning the heating on (if you haven’t already done so!) As the weather grows colder and the typical UK chill settles in, you may be wondering how you can keep your energy and heating costs down?

Below we have listed some easy ways of reducing your energy bills this autumn.

1. Label switches and thermostats

If you label light switches and plugs, employees will know exactly which one does what, so they’ll only use the ones they need. Rather than turning them all on as they don’t know which switch does what. This is especially useful for thermostats that control different sections of an office: no longer will staff ramp up the heat in the wrong part of the office in the hopes that it warms them up.


2. Create an AC “sweet spot”

When you are cold in the office it is easy to turning the temperature on the thermostat up a lot, only to then realise the office gets way too hot and find you need to turn it down again.
To avoid this energy wastage, set a “sweet spot” on your thermostat, at where heating and AC can be turned off. Studies show that the optimum temperature to keep office workers comfortable and productive is about 22 degrees Celsius so that you could set your dead band between 19 and 24 degrees.


3. Use draft excluders

By using draft excluders in the office, it takes a lot less time for the room to warm up, and longer for the room to cool down. That means you only need the heating on for half as long without having to sacrifice the comfort of your team.


4. Install light sensors

Light sensors ensure that a light only comes on when someone enters the room, and automatically switches off when that room is vacated. It means that you only spend money on lighting when you actually need to, which means significant savings for your business in the long run.


5. Hold a brainstorming session

To really maximise your savings, it needs to be a team effort.
You can get people invested in saving energy at the office by holding a team brainstorming session. Not only will asking your staff for energy-saving ideas help you find more innovative solutions to the problem; it’ll help them get invested into seeing those ideas through.


What NDM can do to help you:

For the best ideas on how to save on your energy bills, though, you should speak to the experts. At NDM Energy , we can help you save on your business energy by helping you switch your energy provider. See how much you could save by switching today.
We understand businesses use a lot of energy day in day out, and so it is important for us to find a cost-efficient provider to suit all your requirements. Whether you have been using the same provider for years or you just do not have the time to compare prices yourself, NDM Energy will complete the process from start to finish.

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