Why Switch Energy

When Is The Right Time To Switch Supplier?

Don’t miss the opportunity to switch supplier

The answer to this is simple – if you haven’t done so already – then right now. Energy providers are always changing their tariffs and there are always new deals available on the market. However, there are some restrictions on when you can switch supplier.

If you are currently in contract then you have to wait until you are 6 months in before we can review your current usage and start comparing prices.

However, here are a few other things to bare in mind and ensure you don’t leave it too late…

Avoid the Standard Tariff

A typical energy contract runs for 12 months. When your current contract expires you are automatically renewed by the same provider. HOWEVER, when they do renew your contract, you are put back onto their ‘standard tariff.’ And guess what – the standard tariff really is standard – which means it is probably the most expensive too.

Therefore, to avoid a huge increase in your next energy bill, it is worth comparing prices and switching before the automatic renewal.

Price Hike

Another common time to switch supplier is when prices are set to rise. Typically, when one of the big six energy companies increases their prices, the others will follow suit soon after. When a price increase is announced, it is a good time to ensure that you avoid paying the inflated prices for as long as possible, by switching to a fixed rate energy tariff.

Winter Costs

It goes without saying that we all use more energy in the colder months. Whether we have the heating on in the morning or office lights stay on longer as the darker nights draw in, we are using more electricity and gas.
That is why it is always a good choice to compare energy during late summer or early autumn. This ensures that when winter comes around, you are ready to go with the best plan in place.

Act now and save yourself time & money

Are you unsure when your current contract ends? Would you like to see if we could beat your current deal? Allow SEAL to compare your energy costs now

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